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Me - every body, volume 2

Olof Persson Projects


20/9–25/10 2013

Me - every body, volume 2

A performance in six sequences


The work is based on the structure of movement and the body’s simple complexity. Our thoughts, motions, meetings and life in general would not take place if we weren’t built after the present structure. Six stand-alone sequences (no. 10–15) performed by seven dancers, who with several sets of movements at their disposal create individual combinations. The group dynamic complicates the structure further. As in Me – every body, volume 1 with its nine sequences (no. 1–9), the work has been an interactive process where sound artists have made (sound)recordings of the movements of the dancers, and worked with the image and motion models from the different sequences. Layer upon layer, the six sequences have been merged together with the especially composed sound works, light and form.



“One way to think of the body is as an architectural structure that houses an entire life. And since our lives are not static, it’s only natural that our bodies should move as well. The body in motion then becomes a performer that tells the story of a person’s life in real time. A series of performances conceived over a period of seven years by Olof Persson explored the relationship between body and movement in space and time.”

– Sleek Magazine, 30 Sound | Silence, recommendation of Me - every body, volume 1.




Created by artist Olof Persson in collaboration with:

Sound artists – Jean-Louis Huhta, Pierre Proske / Grimus,

Robin Rimbaud / Scanner and Mike Skinner

Fashion designer – Helena Fredriksson / H Fredriksson

Dancers – Celia Berndtzen, Fabian Brandt, Fredrika Byman-Moberg,

Joakim Envik Karlsson, Rebecca Evanne, Lina Räftegård and Olof Persson

Technician and light designer – Finn Pettersson

Production: Anna Karlander and David Sundqvist

Duration: 60 minutes



Olof Persson Projects is a trans-disciplinary project team, based in Göteborg. With varying contributors, the group’s function is to elaborate artistic ideas and commissions. The long term work process is an important part of the activity.


Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västra Götaland & Göteborg City Cultural Committee







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25 october  kl 19.00


Duration: ca 60 min


Tickets: 160 SEK

Students, seniors: 120 SEK



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